2017 Construction Internship and Career Fair

3rd Annual Construction Internship and Career Fair

September 12, 2017
Time TBA

Barnhardt Student Activity Center (SAC) Salons



The Construction Internship and Career Fair is held each fall to provide an opportunity for students and employers to meet and interact. The students are predominantly construction management and civil engineering technology majors, but all College of Engineering students are invited. The companies are local, regional and national construction and engineering organizations seeking outstanding talent for full-time, part-time and intern positions. 

If you have any questions regarding registration, please contact Laura Holland by calling 704-687-1434 or lholla12@uncc.edu.


STUDENT REGISTRATION will be done differently this year - all you have to do is send your resume in PDF format to Ms. Holland (lholla12@uncc.edu) and that's it! Please check with your instructors to see if you'll be awarded any extra credit!