Scott Rockwell, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Fire Safety Engineering Technology
Smith 307
Worcester Polytechnic Institute - Ph.D. in Fire Protection Engineering (2012)
Dissertation Title: Influence of Coal Dust on Premixed Turbulent Methane-Air Flames
Worcester Polytechnic Institute - M.S. in Fire Protection Engineering (2010)
Thesis Title: An Investigation into the Use of Cross Correlation Velocimetry
University of Tennessee - B.S. in Aerospace Engineering (2007)
Turbulent burning velocity of dust and hybrid flames
Virtual laboratories and the use of digital media in fire and combustion education
Active learning and teaching techniques that minimize the student's cognitive load
Dust explosions fire ball size
Wild land fires
Recent Publications: 
Rockwell, Scott R., Chapter 17: Fire Protection Systems, Homeland Security Technologies for the 21st Century, edited by Dr. Ryan Baggett and Dr. Chad Foster, Publisher: Praeger, Santa Barbara, CA. (estimated book completion date May 1, 2016)
Gorbett, Gregory E., Pharr, James L., Rockwell, Scott R., Fire Dynamics 2nd Edition, Brady Fire, Pearson (Publication/In stock date: April 1, 2016).
Rockwell, Scott R., A Methodology for Teaching Mathematical Topics Utilizing Active Learning Techniques, Proceedings of the Lilly Conference on College & University Teaching and Learning, Bethesda, MD 2014, 139-143.
Rockwell, Scott R., Rangwala, Ali, S., Influence of Coal Dust on Premixed Turbulent Methane-Air Flames, Combustion and Flame 2013, Vol. 160, (3) 635-640.
Rockwell, Scott R., Rangwala, Ali, S., Modeling of Dust Air Flames, Fire Safety Journal, 2013, Vol. 59, 22-29.