Academic Plan of Study

Master of Science in Construction & Facilities Management

The program leading to the Master of Science degree in Construction and Facilities Management is a 30 credit-hour program. The program consists of an 9-credit hour core, and a capstone experience, which may consist of a  6-credit hour graduate research thesis. The  degree program is outlined below:

Common Core Courses (9 credit hours)
CMET 6240 Safety & Risk Management
CMET 6270 Operation of Constructed Facilities
CMET 6135 Advanced Construction Planning & Management

Students select one of the following capstone experiences:

Thesis & Research Options
CMET 6160 Research & Analytical Methods (3hrs)
CMET 6900 Master's Thesis & Research (6hrs)


Non-Thesis Option
Major Electives (21 hrs)
Comprehensive Review


Major electives will be selected from the following:

CMET 5126 Projects Scheduling and Control
CMET 5135 Building Information Modeling
CMET 5140 Building Energy Management
CMET 5150 Green Building
CMET 5160 Advanced Construction Materials 
CMET 5290 Temporary Structures in Construction
CMET 5350 Construction Geotechnics and Foundations
CMET 6000 Special Topics in Construction & Facility Mgmt.
CMET 6145 Facilities Management Financial Analysis
CMET 6155 Facility Instrumentation and Controls
CMET 6160 Research and Analytical Methods
CMET 6165 Transportation Asset Management
CMET 6180 Alternative Project Delivery Methods
CMET 6250 Asset Management for Facility Managers
CMET 6255 Advanced Plan Layout and Design
CMET 6275 Advanced Construction Means and Methods
CMET 6285 Quality Assurance in Construction
CMET 6295 Design and Improvement of Construction Operations
CMET 6800 Independent Study in Construction and Facility Management
ENER 5250 Analysis of Renewable Energy Systems
ENER 5275 Air Conditioning Systems
ENER 5285 Applied Noise and Vibration Control
ENER 5290 Advanced Instrumentation
ENER 6120 Energy Generation and Conversion
ENER 6135 Energy Transmission and Distribution
ENER 6150 System Dynamics
ENER 6170 Applied Mechatronics
ENER 6220 High Voltage Technology
ETGR 5272 Engineering Analysis IV

Additional new major electives courses may be created based on industry needs and faculty research interest. In addition, appropriate existing graduate level courses will be identified from other programs such as the Engineering Management program or others.

Additional Degree Requirements & Information

At UNC Charlotte, courses having 5000 numbers are open to graduate students and advanced undergraduate students. Courses with 6000 are open to graduate students only. A minimum of 12 credit hours presented towards a Master of Science in Construction and Facilities Management degree must be numbered 6000 or higher. Twenty-four of thirty credits, or eighty percent, of required courses are at the 6000 level.

All candidates must earn an overall 3.0 to graduate. Accumulation of one U grade or 3 C grades will result in the suspension of the student's enrollment in the program.

Up to six hours of approved coursework may be transferred from appropriately accredited master's and doctoral programs. Only courses in which the student earned a grade of B or better may be transferred.

The program will have both a thesis and non-thesis track. After admission to candidacy, thesis students will complete a comprehensive oral exam while non-thesis students will complete a comprehensive review exam. Residency will be per Graduate School rules.

While full-time students will typically take three semesters to complete the program, part-time students are expected to complete the program in no more than six years, as per Graduate School rules.