Course Descriptions

Master of Science in Construction & Facilities Management

CMET 5126 - Project Scheduling and Control: (3) Methods for planning, scheduling, and controlling construction projects, emphasizing manual and computer-based techniques for critical path method scheduling, resource management, construction cost control, and reporting practices

CMET 5135 - Building Information Modeling: (3) The creation, management, and application of building information models to the construction, operation, and maintenance of a facility.  Focus on 3D and 4D computer models of building components, renderings, animations, and interfacing with analysis tools.

CMET 5140 - Building Energy Management: (3) Integrated planning of energy efficient technologies for building environmental control systems. Introduction to the design, planning, and optimization of HVAC systems and technology needed to integrate the heating, cooling, natural ventilation, lighting, electricity, and building energy management systems into a building’s structure and design.

CMET 5150 - Green Building: (3) Sustainable design and construction. Topics include: sustainable sites, water efficiency, energy and atmosphere, materials and resources, indoor environmental quality, innovation in design, and regional priority.

CMET 5160 - Advanced Construction Materials: (3) Materials utilized in concrete, concrete construction, and quality control. Study of concrete properties and the variables that affect them. Topics also include: destructive and non-destructive testing of structural concrete, service life prediction models, and preventative measures, as well as recent advances in concrete materials, construction, and technology

CMET 5290 - Temporary Structures in Construction: (3) Temporary structures used to support construction operations such as concrete formwork, scaffolding systems, shoring systems, cofferdams, underpinning, slurry walls, and construction dewatering systems.

CMET 5350 - Construction Geotechnics and Foundations: (3) Study of the concepts and fundamental principles of construction geotechnics related to foundation engineering/construction excavations, temporary structures, dewatering and slope stability.

CMET 6000. Special Topics in Construction & Facility Management. (3) Study of specific new areas emerging in the various fields of construction and facility management. May be repeated for credit.

CMET 6135. Advanced Construction Planning & Management. (3) Prerequisite: ETCE 4126 or consent of instructor. Advanced methods for planning and controlling construction projects will be covered. Specific topics of study will include resource allocation, leveling and management, critical path method (CPM) and project evaluation and review techniques (PERT) of scheduling, project controls through cost-schedule integration, and schedule compression.

CMET 6145. Facilities Management Financial Analysis. (3) Prerequisite: ETGR 3222 or ECON 2102 or consent of instructor. This course is a study of real property concepts, issues, and topics pertinent to the facility management professional to include fundamentals of commercial real estate investment, understanding market influences, contracts and property portfolio management.

CMET 6155. Facility Instrumentation and Controls. (3) Prerequisite: ETME 3163 or consent of instructor. This course covers design and analysis of industrial process control instrumentation. Topics include process control devices and process control applications associated with industrial instrumentation and building and facility operation.

CMET 6160. Research and Analytical Methods. (3) Prerequisite: STAT 1220 or consent of instructor. This course focuses on analytical and research techniques applicable to construction and facility management problems. Topics of study include defining research problems, experiment design, measurement, sampling, and analysis. (Fall)

CMET 6165 - Transportation Asset Management: (3) Management and planning techniques for transportation infrastructure assets. Focus on recent advances for maintaining and managing transportation assets, including performance management, prioritization of maintenance strategies, network and project level optimization.

CMET 6180. Alternative Project Delivery Methods. (3) Prerequisite CMET 3224 or consent of instructor. This course provides study of the many organizational arrangements between construction owners, designers, contractors, and financiers. Delivery methods studied include design-bid-build (DBB), design-build (DB), construction management (agency CM and CM@Risk), design-build-operate (DBO), and design-build-finance-operate (DBFO).

CMET 6240. Safety & Risk Management. (3) Prerequisite: CMET 4228 or consent of instructor. Topics of study will include causes and prevention of industrial accidents, hazardous processes and material, OSHA regulations and requirements, and design of accident prevention programs.

CMET 6250. Asset Management for Facility Managers. (3) Prerequisite: CMET 5270 or consent of instructor. Study of useful life of building and infrastructure systems and creating a process to manage their life cycles; emphasis on justifying and funding capital projects.

CMET 6255. Advanced Plant Layout and Design. (3) Prerequisite: CMET 5270 or consent of instructor. Topics of study include designing construction sites and facility plants with respect to material handling, equipment location, auxiliary services, capital requirements, safety, and personnel organization.

CMET 6270. Operation of Constructed Facilities. (3) Prerequisite: CMET 3224 and ETCE 3271 or consent of instructor. Topics of study will include acquisition, operation, maintenance, and disposal of building systems, structures, permanent interiors, furniture, and equipment; grounds and other exterior elements.

CMET 6275 - Advanced Construction Means and Methods: (3) Construction means, methods, and equipment used to transform a particular design concept into a completed usable structure or facility. Emphasis is placed on current and innovative construction techniques and equipment.

CMET 6285. Quality Assurance in Construction. (3) Prerequisite: CMET 6160 or consent of instructor. This course covers the principles and applications of quantitative methods of quality control to production processes with an introduction to process control charts, Pareto charts, and other quality analysis tools for the construction industry.

CMET 6295. Design & Improvement of Construction Operations. (3) Prerequisite: CMET 6135. Topics of study include design of construction operations based on productivity concepts. Techniques for collecting data, analyzing, and formulating solutions to improve construction operations will be emphasized.

CMET 6800. Independent Study in Construction & Facility Management. (3) Prerequisite: Consent of graduate committee advisor. Individual investigation and exposition of results for a directed project in construction and facility management. May be repeated for credit.

CMET 6900. Master's Thesis & Research. (1 – 6) Prerequisite: Consent of graduate committee advisor. Individual investigation culminating in the preparation and presentation of a thesis. May be repeated for credit.