Environmental Laboratory

The CIET program shares environmental wet lab space with Civil & Environmental Engineering. The primary facility used to support the environmental sequence occupies approximately 979 ft2 devoted to instructional support for the CIET program's environmental courses: ETCE 2410, ETCE 3242 and ETCE 4143. Available laboratory equipment includes a de-ionized water system, 1 dishwasher, 2 wet sinks, 2 incubators, 1 refrigerator, 1 freezer, 2 muffle furnaces, 1 drying oven, 6 gang stirrers for conducting Jar Tests, 2 UV/Vis spectrophotometers, 3 turbidity meters, 1 fluorometer, 2 COD reactors, 1 TKN reactor, 6 pH meters, 5 dissolved oxygen meters, 2 top-loading balances, 1 analytical balance, 7 hot/stir plates, 2 camera and computer setups for microscopes, 4 sets of variable volume pipettors, 1 acid storage cabinet, 1 flammables storage cabinet, 1 settling column, 7 computer stations and variety of glassware. Field equipment includes 3 velocity probes with wading rods, 4 handheld conductivity meters and boots/waders. Renovations and additions since the last accreditation cycle include new laboratory space with dedicated work stations for each laboratory group with new cabinets, countertops, de-ionized water system, pipettors, incubator, fluorometer, microscope, dissolved oxygen meters and spectrophotometer.

Typical Environmental Equipment