Structures High Bay Laboratory

This large, 4925 ft2 laboratory is equipped to perform large scale testing of structures and materials in support of the CIET program's construction materials, methods and structures courses, ETCE 1121, ETCE 1222, ETCE 3163, and ETCE 3163L. During the spring 2010 semester, this facility was also used for ETCE 4073: Advanced Civil/Construction Materials Testing course. This special topics course exposed undergraduate students to rehabilitative means and methods. This course is designed to provide a review of current literature; provide a "hands-on" experience of testing advanced construction materials and provide an introduction to full scale testing. Topics of interest include the use of fiber reinforced polymers (FRP) for repair and retrofit of concrete structures and the use of geosynthetics to improve various properties of soils through reinforcement to increase system strength, separation of soil layers, reduction in permeability, drainage of aggregate layers, and filtration of soil.

The lab contains 1 SATAC 200 kip Universal Testing Machine, 1 Testmark 500 kip load frame, 10-ton bridge crane, 10 gpm@3000 psi hydraulic power unit, 1 300 kip bidirectional cylinder with load cell, 1 50 kip load cell, 2 forklifts, 1 sieve shaker, 1 20 kip servo hydraulic load frame, 1 Quincy drying oven, 2 load rings, and 1 Hewlett Packard data acquisition system with 24 channels and Pentium computer. In addition, tests on fresh concrete such as slump tests, flow table tests, compaction factor tests, Kelley ball tests and air content tests can be conducted and a climate controlled curing room is also available.

High Bay Structures Laboratory (Load Frame)