Asphalt and Structures Laboratory

The 656 ft2 asphalt and structures laboratory is used in support of the CIET program's ETGR 2101 – Applied Mechanics I, ETGR 2102 – Applied Mechanics II, ETCE 1222L Construction Materials Laboratory, ETCE 3163 – Structural Analysis & Design, and ETCE 3163L – Structures and Materials Laboratory courses. For instance, in ETCE 3163L, students are introduced to basic techniques to evaluate structural materials commonly used in the civil engineering and construction fields. Students perform laboratory tests on aggregate, asphalt concrete, Portland cement concrete, and brick to determine whether or not the tested materials satisfy specified design criteria and perform structural laboratory experiments required to demonstrate basic beam and column behavior under loading.

The laboratory is equipped with 1 fume hood, 1 large oven, 1 small stirrer oven, 2 Marshall test apparatus, , 2 asphalt compaction pedestal, 3 constant temperature water baths, 1 vacuum pyrometer, 1 ductility tester, 1 penetrometer with two water baths, and 1 Saybolt viscometer. Since 2005, the laboratory has been expanded to include TQ Education and Training Limited (TecQuipment) apparatus for performing structural analysis demonstrations. Available experiments include bending moments and shear forces in beams, bending deflections and stresses in beams, pin-jointed frameworks, two-pinned arches, three-pinned arches, fixed arches, continuous and indeterminate beams, redundant trusses, frame deflections and reactions, and buckling of struts. This laboratory is used in ETCE 1222L for preparation and testing of asphalt cement and asphaltic cement concrete, and for drying aggregate and clay brick prior to testing.

Typical Asphalt Equipment (CBR)