Electrical/Electronic Measurements (Freshman/Sophomore) Laboratory

This laboratory is mostly used for the fundamental laboratories supporting the DC, AC, basic electronics and digital fundamentals courses, namely ETEE1101, ETEE1201, ETEE2101 and ETEE2201 Electronics Lab I, II, III and IV respectively in the old curriculum and ELET1111L (DC Circuits Lab), ELET1212L (AC Circuits Lab), ELET1231L (Digital Circuits Laboratory), and ELET2121L (Electronics I Lab) in the revised curriculum. There are 9 workstations, each of which contains the following equipment: an Agilent 54621A 60MHz Digital Oscilloscope, a Tektronix TDS-210 60MHz Digital Oscilloscope, a Hitachi V-212 or Goldstar 20MHz Analog Oscilloscope, an Agilent 3630A Triple Output DC Power Supply, an HP E3612A DC Power Supply, a Leader LG-1311 10MHz Function Generator, a TENMA 72-7560 15MHz Function Generator, along with multimeters, protoboards and breadboards and meters. A printer and two fully networked Mosaic PCs are available in the laboratory, along with eight stand-alone Dell PCs with Lucas-Hulle L@BSoft, Xilinx, ╬╝Vision3 and productivity software.

Typical equipment