Senior Design / Special Projects Open Laboratory

This 1072 ft2 facility is a general purpose laboratory/classroom that can accommodate 42 students and is primarily used for senior project testing and preparation. This electronics laboratory has six test stations, each equipped with an oscilloscope, function generator, DC power supply, and digital multimeter. Oscilloscopes include the HP-54601A 100MHz Digital Oscilloscope and Hitachi VC-6023 Analog Oscilloscope. Once students have their projects debugged, they often use the digital oscilloscope to capture measured waveforms for inclusion in their project reports. Function generators include the HP3312A and Leader LFG1310, which are 10-MHz generators that can supply square, sinusoidal, or triangular waveforms. DC power supplies include the Leader LPS151 and HP E3612A, which has variable outputs and selectable current limits. Multimeters include the Fluke 37.

General layout