Stress Analysis & Instron Laboratories

This facility supports the MET program course, ETME 3152 – Stress Analysis Laboratory, the CIET program in ETCE 1222L – Construction Materials and ETCE 3163L – Structures & Materials Laboratory. In addition, these facilities are used to support senior design projects in both programs.

Typical stress analysis equipment

The stress analysis and Instron laboratories include test equipment to perform: nondestructive testing for cracks and porosity, stress-strain relationships, electrical resistance strain gages, poisson's ratio & modulus of elasticity measurement, brittle coatings, compression tests of wood and plastic lumber, photoelasticity, Rockwell hardness testing and Charpy impact testing. More specifically, the facility contains four (4) 30,000 lb hand operated hydraulically loaded universal testing machines (UTM) and an Instron electronic screw driven UTM with (2) electric load cells having load capacities of 22,000 and 200 lb. These facilities also contain strain gage extensometers, transmission polar scope, a rotating beam fatigue tester, a heat treat furnace, spray booth /fume hood, and various other equipment.

Instron equipment