Umit Cali, Ph.D.

Engineering Technology and Construction Management
Assistant Professor, Electrical Engineering Technology

Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, University of Kassel & Fraunhofer Institute IWES, Kassel, Germany
MS in Electrical Communication Engineering, University of Kassel, Kassel, Germany
BS. in Electrical Engineering, Yildiz Technical University, Istanbul, Turkey

Recent Publications:
  • Ümit Cali: “Grid and Market ıntegration of Large-scale Wind Farms using Advanced Wind Power Forecasting Systems: Technical and Economic Aspects”, Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency Band 17 / Vol. 17, Edited by Prof. Dr.Jürgen Schmid, Kassel University Press, ISBN: 978-3-86219-030-0
  • B. Lange, Ü. Cali, R. Jursa, R. Mackensen, K. Rohrig, F. Schlögl: Strategies for Balancing Wind Power in Germany Chapter 4.1 in Book: Wind Energy International 2007/2008, S. 237-240
  • R. Jursa, B. Lange, Ü. Cali, K. Rohrig, F. Schlögl, G. Boyle: Wind Power Forecasting Chapter 5 in Book: Renewable Electricity and the Grid; EARTHSCAN, EAN: 9781844074181
  • B.Lange, R. Jursa, K. Rohrig, Ü. Cali, F. Schlögl, J. Moradi: Use of Electronic Based Power Conversion for Distributed and Renewable Energy Sources, Edited by Prof. Dr. Peter Zacharias, Chapter in Book: Wind Power Prediction in Germany, ISET. Germany, 2009
  • Ümit Cali, S. Ropenus, S. Schräder: Development of interactions between distributed generation and distribution system operators: West Demark, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain and the Intelligent Energy Europe, Improgres Project, EU Deliverable , 2009
  • Luis Olmos, Rafael Cossent, Tomás Gómez, Carlos Mateo (Comillas), Jeroen de Joode, Martin Scheepers, Frans Nieuwenhout (ECN), Jos Poot, Martijn Bongaerts (Liander), David Trebolle (Union Fenosa), Barbara Doersam (MVV), Stefan Bofinger, Umit Cali, Norman Gerhardt (ISET). Case studies of system costs of distribution areas. IMPROGRES report D5, 2009
  • B. Yagcitekin, M. Uzunoglu, Umit Cali, A Risk Analysis of Electric Vehicles on The Turkish Electric Power System, final version of the paper to be submitted,
  • S. Sakar, U. Cali,  Assessment of Hosting Capacity For Photovoltaics in Harmonic Distorted Environment, final version of the paper to be submitted,
  • Ustun Taha Selim, Cali Umit and Kisacikoglu Mithat , Energizing Microgrids with Plug-in Electric Vehicles and Distributed Generators During Emergencies, IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid, Special Issue on Power Grid Resilience, submitted / under review
  • Ustun Taha Selim, Cali Umit and Kisacikoglu Mithat: Energizing Microgrids with Electric Vehicles during Emergencies – Natural Disasters, Sabotage and Warfare, INTELEC 2015 - 2015 IEEE International Telecommunications Energy Conference, Osaka Japan, October 2015
  • Umit Cali: Grid and Market Integration of Large Scale Wind Farms using Advanced Predictive Data Mining Techniques International Conference on Energy Management, Paris, France, World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology, Paris, December 2015
  • Bünyamin Yağcitekin, Önder Güler, Ümit Çalı: Energy Management Strategy for Wind Power Plant Based on Energy Storage and Wind Power Prediction, Energy Sources Part B: Economics, Planning, and Policy, Volume 7, Issue 2, January 2012, pages 152-161 (SCI)
  • Lange, B., K. Rohrig, B. Ernst, F. Schlögl, Ü. Cali, R. Jursa, J. Moradi: ‘Wind power forecasting in Germany – Recent advances and future challenges’.  Zeitschrift für Energiewirtschaft. Vol. 30 no. 2 (2006), pp. 115-120
  • Ümit Cali: Grid and market integration of large Scale Wind Power Using Advanced Wind power forecasting and the other innovative Concepts, World Wind Energy Conference Istanbul , 2010
  • Ümit Cali, Melih Kurt, Corinna Möhrlen, Bernhard Lange: Development of an Offshore-Specific Wind Power Forecasting Model based on Ensemble Weather Prediction and Wave Parameters, European Offshore Wind Conference, Stockholm, 2009
  • Ümit Cali , Saint-Drenan, Y-M., Möhren, C., Jørgensen, J.U., Lange, B., von Bremen, L.: Investigation of the potential improvement of Offshore Wind Power Forecast based on Ensemble Weather Prediction by using offshore specific parameters, Proc. German Wind Energy Conference DEWEK 2008, Bremen, 2008
  • Ümit Cali: International Workshop on Large Scale Integration of Wind Power and on Transmission Networks for Offshore Wind Farms, Madrid, May 2008
  • Ümit Cali, Rene Jursa, Melih Kurt, Bernhard Lange, Corinna Möhrlen, Jess U. Jørgensen, Bernhard Ernst: Artificial neural network based wind power forecasting using a multischeme ensemble prediction model, EWEC 2008, Brussels, 2008
  • Ue.Cali, R.Jursa, M.Kurt, and B.Lange, Feasibility study for the use of  WEPROG’s ensemble weather prediction data for wind power forecasting at RWE, Kassel, Germany, 2008
  • Cali, Ue.; Artificial Neural Network Based Wind Power Forecasting using a Multi Model Approach, 7th International Workshop on Large Scale Integration of Wind Power on Transmission Networks for Offshore Wind Farms, Madrid, 2008  
  • Möhrlen, C., Jørgensen, J.U., Pinson, P., Madsen, H., Lange, B., Cali, Ü., Bolding, B., Giebel, G.,n Tøfting, J., Kristoffersen, J.R.: HRensembleHR Project Progress in applying Short-range Ensemble Forecasts for Offshore Wind power, European  Wind Energy Conference EWEC'08, Brussels, Belgium, 2008
  • B. Lange, Ü. Cali: Strategies for Balancing Wind Power in German, WWEA (Ed.): Wind Energy International 2007/2008
  • Ü. Cali, B. Lange, R. Mackensen, K. Rohrig, F. Schlögl: Combination of numerical weather prediction models and online measurement data for wind power forecasting using artificial intelligence methods; European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2007, Vienna, Austria, 2007
  • Bernhard Lange, Kurt Rohrig, Bernhard Ernst, Florian Schlögl, Ümit Cali, Rene Jursa, Javad Moradi: Wind power prediction in Germany – Recent advances and future challenges,  European Wind Energy Conference 2006, Athens, 2006
  • Ümit Cali, Bernhard Lange, René Jursa, Kai Biermann: Short-term prediction of distributed generation – Recent advances and future challenges, - Elftes Kasseler Symposium Energie-Systemtechnik November 2006

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