Construction Management Faculty

The Construction Management faculty is comprised of engineers who have many years of design and construction experience in industry, construction and consulting environments.

  • Dr. Nicole Barclay, Teaching Assistant Professor
  • Dr. Anthony L. Brizendine, PE, PLS, Professor & Department Chair
  • Dr. Tara Cavalline, PE, Assistant Professor
  • Dr. Dong (Don) Chen, LEED A.P., Associate Professor
  • Dr. Bruce Gehrig, PE, Associate Professor
  • Ms. Courtney Green, PE, Lecturer
  • Dr. John Hildreth, Associate Professor & Associate Chair for Graduate Programs
  • Mr. Cheng Liu, Professor Emeritus
  • Dr. Glenda Mayo, CDT, LEED A.P., Assistant Professor
  • Dr. Alain Miatudila, Faculty Associate
  • Dr. Thomas Nicholas II, PE, Associate Professor & Program Director
  • Dr. Carlos Orozco, Associate Professor
  • Dr. Jacelyn Rice, Assistant Professor
  • Dr. Omidreza Shoghli, Assistant Professor
  • Dr. Jake Smithwick, MPA,  Assistant Professor
  • Mr. David Yarbrough, PE, Faculty Associate

Faculty bios and contact information